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Photo: Jed Niezgoda


Various performance projects with colleagues, themed chamber music concerts including works from duo, trio, quartet and quintet repertoire.  

A recent trio performance for the Cork Orchestral Society with Maria Ryan and Aoife Nic Aothliath featured works by Debussy, Turina and Shostokovitch. 

Concerts with other collaborators - Siun Milne, Cian O'Duill and David Whitla - took place in the Sirius Centre, Cobh, Crawford Art Gallery Cork School of Music, and MIC Limerick. 

Prometheus Now 

Gaitkrash Theatre Company, in collaboration with pianist Gabriela Mayer, invoke the figure of Prometheus to re-ignite the spark of hope & renewal. This unique & compelling online performance features an exciting blend of cross-disciplinary art forms: classical piano, theatre, sound art & videography.

...spellbinding fusion of fluid and spectral imagery... Specialists in sorcery, theatre artists Bernadette Cronin and Regina Crowley, with Mick O’Shea’s sound scheme, Harry Moore’s filming and editing and pianist Gabriela Mayer’s melding of Schumann, Lizst and improvisation, created a smouldering evocation of a myth still applicable to humanity’s reliance on blind hopefulness.

Irish Times review 2021

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Duo with Maria Ryan

Supported by the Arts Council Agility Award, this duo partnership focuses on a varied repertoire aiming to discover forgotten gems and highlight composers from baroque to contemporary composers

Notes to a Star @ BCO

A Conversation with Beethoven and Shakespeare

Created by Regina Crowley and Gabriela Mayer,

and featuring Eanna Hardwicke

Sound Design: Cormac O’Connor

This sound installation explored a creative dialogue between fragments of piano music and dramatic text, inviting the audience into a ‘listening oasis’ on the open terrace of the Blackrock Castle . The possibility to  experience space and sound in a different way is explored. 


Some notes: a sequence of piano sounds first played in Vienna over 200 years ago. 

Other notes: observations spoken on stage in London 400 years ago.


As part of this very special event, the Blackrock Castle Observatory encoded and beamed the sound file to a distant exoplanet and its parent star. The transmission will take many years to reach its destination. 

The show was featured again as part of the MTU Space Week in October 2023 in Contemplative Garden in Nano Nagle Place. 

A Woman of Genius 

Celebrating the 200th anniversary of Pauline Garcia Viardot (1821-1910), one of the greatest divas of the nineteenth century, soprano Kelley Lonergan Petcu and pianist Gabriela Mayer present a recital of works by Garcia Viardot and her contemporaries. Readings from the letters of Pauline Garcia Viardot read by Aideen Wylde

Finding A Voice Festival, Clonmel, Ireland


This concert series focuses on the music of women composers through the ages,. celebrate a significant anniversary In 2021, the Festival celebrated the bi-centenary of the birth of Pauline Garcia Viardot, one of the most significant musical figures of the nineteenth century.

Supported by the Arts Council of Ireland #ArtsIreland
With RTÉ Supporting The Arts #RTESupportingTheArts

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Chamber Music 

Trio Concert 

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